Hello, I'm Bob Kaku. I was born in Kyushu, Southwest Japan. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. I work in information technology and specialize in Data Architecture and Business Intelligence. I'm married to Gail.

Interests: Golf - favorite course, Pebble Beach.

Cycling - favorite ride: 17-Mile drive on Monterey Peninsula

Snow skiing at Lake Tahoe favorite aprés: Jake's in Tahoe City

Writing: I am currently working on a novel, Cherry Blossoms in the Storm about three Japanese American brothers and their families caught in the cataclysm of WWII. They take separate paths to survive and overcome extraordinary challenges to reunite. Visit my blog.

Favorite novelists: James A. Michener, author of Hawaii, The Source, Texas, Poland, Caribbean, and many other 1000+ page history-based novels. Nicholas Evans, author of The Horse Whisperer, The Loop, and Smoke Jumper

Sports teams: Cal Bears, San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers

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My goals in life were to become successful in my career and to get married. I prided myself as being a man of the world. I'd try to show the boys that I could "talk the talk, walk the walk," and hold my own in liquor.

After graduating college, I met an intelligent, well-educated, and attractive woman. About our fourth date, she couldn't see me any more. "WHY?" I asked.

"You're not a Christian," she replied.

I quickly responded, "I 'believe in god,' my philosophy of life was very similar to the Christian ways - 'do unto others...' "

I managed to hang on to the relationship for several more months until she shot me another zinger. "I can't see you anymore."

"OK, you win, I'll become a Christian." I started going to church to please my girlfriend. I met new friends. This isn't so bad. Then my girlfriend wanted me to go a weekly Bible study. Once again, anything for her.

One Sunday, the pastor's words resonated inside me. "God not only loves you, but likes you. . ." I had always had trouble with the "love" word but could understand it in the context of a man loving a woman or even a parent loving his or her child. But God loving me or me loving God? I couldn't fathom it. However, I could understand the concept of "liking." I asked myself, "If someone knew everything about me, how could anybody like me?"

Even if a person had lived a life of crime, God was always willing to give a person a second chance if they repent. These words altered my perception of God. I wrestled with the thoughts for several weeks. Then one church service, an invitation was given to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Something welled up inside me and compelled to go forward. I received Jesus into our life. My relationship with my girlfriend didn't work out, but God had other plans for me. Several years later, I met my wife, Gail. Details are in the book below.

After I became a Christian, I still drank excessively. I liked Scotch and Bourbon whiskies, Long Island Ice Teas (full of rum), and vodka cocktails. You name it, I drank it.

One night God sent messengers to me in the form of California Highway Patrolmen. I tried to wiggle out by telling them I only had a couple of drinks. They had me do sobriety tests. I thought I was doing pretty well. But when they asked me to stand on one leg, hold my arms out, and tilt my head back, I almost fell. They read me the Miranda rights and clasped my wrists in handcuffs. God saved me from myself. I could have killed or injured people including myself. I still shudder with fear when I think back to what could have happened. I discovered God humbly waits for us to open the door of our heart to Him. He never overrides our human will, but instead waits and waits for us to respond to His gentle overtures.

My wife and I are co-authors of two inspirational books, Popcorn Miracles and Kernels of Hope. Be sure to check out the book trailers.

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