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The book, Prayers that Avail Much is a compilation of prayers by topic. Type a keyword in "search term" - e.g. healing.

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Begin your day by talking to Jesus like you would a friend. Some songs to begin your day.

Worship songs

Above All | A New Hallelujah | Blessed Be Your Name | Majesty | Jesus Is Alive | Mighty to Save | Shout To The Lord | To God Be the Glory | Why | With All I Am

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C3SV Vibe | CTW | GRX | In His Presence |Joel Osteen | New Hope | The Rock | Saddleback | Willow Creek | Wommach Bible College

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| Father's Love Letter | Footprints In the Sand | My Heart, Christ's Home

Find a good Bible-based church and fellowship group where the people love the Lord and apply Biblical principles.