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Neuschwanstein Castle is the majestic castle on commercials and countless travel brochures. It is the castle DisneyWorld is modeled after and it's near the city of Füssen in Bavaria, Germany.
N e u s c h w a n s t e i n
Hophen am See
Hopfen am See
Placid lake

At the Füssen tourism office, we discovered Hopfen am See, a cute lakeside town about 5 miles outside of Füssen, with regular public bus connections.

The agent at the tourism office directed us to Frau Keller's Gasthaus (guest house), a few blocks up the hill. We had a large bedroom suite, a kitchen, living room, and veranda with a large picturesque window overlooking the lake. The rate was quite reasonable, $45 a night (in 1993). At first, we had no idea what rate we had agreed to pay. Frau Keller spoke no English. Bob could only recall snatches of German words and phrases from his high school days. Frau resorted to sign language to ask us a question, which we, after several sign gestures, figured out to be, "How many nights do you wish to stay?"

Bob responded, "drei oder vier Nacht" (3 or 4 nights). Frau seemed to understand the response. Later we met a German houseguest who spoke fluent English and interpreted everything for us, including the television news.

Disclaimer: Some people have asked for more information about Frau Keller's Gasthaus. We're sorry, but we don't have this info. Please check with the Hopfen am See tourism office.

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