Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan at 12,388'. It is an inactive volcano that formed its symmetric cone.
Himeji, nicknamed "White Heron" from its white exterior is a majestic castle in Hyo-go Prefecture that remains from the feudal era.
The Imperial Palace is the home of the Emperor of Japan. It is surrounded by a moat and high wall, located within Chiyoda ward of Tokyo.
Osaka is the 3rd largest city of Japan, known as Kansai. A traditional business establishment in Osaka/ Ginza, the entertainment center of Tokyo .
Pachinko is a unique game. It's like a hybrid of pinball and slot machines. Steel balls are inserted into the machines. The objective is to shoot the balls to the top, let them fall through steel pins, and open up little levered mouths that swallow up the falling balls. Swallowed balls yield more balls that can be redeemed for prizes.
Geisha ladies are skilled entertainmenters who perform traditional dancing and singing
Pachinko Palor
Kobe, Japan

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