St. Georgeís and the East End - On another trip, Gail took a cruise with her mom and sister with port stops in St George and Hamilton. Traveling by cruise ship gives you little time on land. But some advantages are having your lodging covered, meals and entertainment. Also you get to see these breathtaking views from the ship as shown in the first three photos.

St George view from ship

Cove near St George

In Stocks

The first time we visited Bermuda, a native Bermudian friend we met on the Internet Kevin Mayall suggested that we go to St. George. We're glad we took his advise.

St. George is a bit smaller than the capitol city of Hamilton but has many fine shops, restaurants, and historic sites. Scenic beaches such as Tobacco Bay and Achilles Bay near Fort Catherine are all in walking distance. The town square contains many artifacts of 17th and 18th century British colonial rule, including a wooden sailing ship, cannons, punishment stocks and a town crier.

Periodically, local actors put on skits for the tourists, demonstrating what Bermudian life was like in an earlier century. In one skit, a woman is accused of malicious gossip. She is placed upon a long see-saw that is rolled over the edge of the pier and dunked in the water several times for punishment. But, given the warm and humid climate, a periodic dunking would not seem like punishment.

We dined at the Carriage House, a fine restaurant that had great food and wonderful views of the harbour. We had asked our waiter for directions to Tobacco Bay and he drew a sketchy map telling us it was about a 20 minute walk. Another person overheard our conversation. George was setting up some equipment for a gig that evening. "I live out that way, and Iíll take you in my car," George said. We couldn't believe his kindness. He drove us to the beaches, and also gave us a quick tour of the area!

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