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Bermuda is a golfer's paradise with 8 courses on an island no more than 20 miles long and 1/2 mile wide in places. I've played at Port Royal, Belmont Hotel and Castle Harbour. My favorite is Port Royal, located in Southampton Parish, on the Southwestern portion of Bermuda. The spectacular golf course has beautiful ocean views.  Holes No. 8 and 16 are most scenic view. The green fee is quite reasonable for a resort course. You have the option to walk the hilly course, but you may want to rent a cart.
P o r t R o y a l
Hole 16
There are no rental cars on this island  Some people sling their golf bags on their backs as they ride rented motor scooters. But that can be dangerous. You could try to carry your clubs on board the public buses. But some bus drivers don't permit it, especially if the bus is crowded. Most people taxis to and from the courses.  That, of course, can really add to the cost .

Castle Harbour Golf Club - panoramic view of hole no. 1

Castle Harbour Golf Club is adjacent to the Castle Harbour Marriott Hotel, in the Eastern part of Bermuda. A spectacular view is shown from the first hole. But, my opinion, the green fees here are a bit overpriced for what you get. When I visited, the greens and fairways weren't kept in the excellent shape you would expect at this price range.
The best golf course in Bermuda is said to be the private course, Mid-Ocean Club, near Castle Harbour. I have yet to play there. They permit tourists to play with an introduction by one of the club members. I have heard that such "an introduction" can be obtained through the concierge or tour desk at some of the major hotels.

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